Analytical weight box by varun scales. Weights are made of brass, with nickel plated surfaces. All weights are carefully tested and calibrated. Analytical Weight Box contains a total of 9 weights from 1 mg to 2 kg, in polished wooden box, with fractional weights, rider and forceps.  

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CI Weights in Bangalore.Our company, Varun Scales produces a range of CI test weights that can be used for securely performing routine testing of balances. Regular verification with these weights, the users can save time and cost. These Cast Iron test weights are mostly used in processes that demand accurate measuring/ weighing results. The heavier weights come with a grip handle, to allow convenience in lifting. There are no cracks, holes, broken edges or any other kind of damage on any of the weight supplied by the company. Each CI test weight is stamped. Each weight can be categorized into  

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Crane weighing scale. A crane scale is a heavy duty scale used for weighing of large, heavy items. Using crane scales means you can save floor space, and weigh awkwardly shaped items relatively easily. we are the leading manufacturers and dealers in bangalore.  

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Floor Weighing Scale Manufacturers. Heavy-duty industrial scales and floor scales can be used in applications for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and more. VARUN SCALES offer floor scales accurate and reliable weighing systems for wet and dry industrial environments. Whether your process requires portability for flexible use, hygienic design for fast and easy cleaning, or rugged construction to accurately weigh heavy freight . VARUN SCALES has industrial floor scales for sale to meet your specific needs.  

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Digital Weighing Machine. An affordable receipt printing scale to grow your business contact varun scales at Mobile: +91 9845137670 (DEVENDRA SINGHVI), +91 9900085866 (VINOD), +91 9845024633 (ADEESH),  

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Industrial Weighing Scale Dealers. Commercial Scales offered by Varun Weight Scale, a leading supplier of Electronic Scale in , Bangalore, Karnataka..  

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Silver Weighing Scale. Silver weigh machines helps for weighing both gold and silver jewels with an option to choose weighing units(grams or carats). It gives Fast response and accuracy Weighing takes just 0.71.2 seconds (S type) and excellent durability Long-life design employing a unique weighing mechanism.  

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Crane Weighing Scale by varun scale.. Lift your productivity and profits to a new high. It has Large & Bright LED display (30mm) Long battery backup Remote control & display for easy operation Ideal for foundries / laddle weighment, Wireless Remote Indicator with Printer (Option), Thermal Scale with cover, Wireless Remote Display (Option). For further query contact varun scales Contact Us at Mobile: +91 9845137670 (DEVENDRA SINGHVI), +91 9900085866 (VINOD), +91 9845024633 (ADEESH),  

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moisture analyzer - A moisture analyzer is often also called a moisture balance or moisture meter. It consists of a weighing unit and a heating unit (infrared technology)  

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lab instruments suppliers in bangalore. Today we have earned a name to reckon with in scientific trade and commerce. Moreover, our professionals look into after sales & calibration facility for measuring instruments. The company caters to all sorts of lab requisites, Our equipments for hydraulic lab, pharmacy equipment, & 'Lab quip' brand thermostatically controlled instruments are highly durable with minimum maintainance and easy operation.  

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VARUN SCALES: Since 2002,the year of its inception in Bangalore. VARUN has grown to be on of the largest and most trusted suppliers of the Weighing Scales and Systems, Laboratory Balances, Jewellery Balances, Industrial & Commercial Scales, Health Scales, Moisture Analysers, Currency Counting Machines and galaxy of Laboratory instruments in India.